How much does fun cost per minute?

Emmy’s prices

You just pay for how long you really drive – exactly by the minute. If you get stuck in traffic and time is flying you just pay per driven kilometer. After every ride the cheaper rate will be charged. Free minutes will be valid indefinitely. That’s fair, ha?

19ct per minute or 59ct per started kilometer

Parking: 5ct per minute (with deactivated ignition)

Daily package/cost per day: 24€ (and nothing more)

the eddy summer promotion

You can now sign up for free until June 25th, 2017 and you get 25 free minutes on top of that. So you are good to go for your first couple of rides. After that: You just pay for what you really drive. There are no ongoing fees.

Driving without worries.

No matter if you want to be on time at your destination or just want to take your granny for a ride, you just pay for the driven distance, and even for two! But the best is: you safe time, stress, and there is no quest for parking!

Model rides

1€: Millerntor – Park Fiction
2€: Fischmarkt – Elbstrand
3€: Grindel – Stadtpark


eddy-Pricing system

  • Price per minute 0,19 € or
  • Price per started kilometer 0,59 €
  • Automatic calculation of the cheaper price
  • Price per minute when having a break 0,05 €
  • Cost brake for a whole day (0-24h) 24 €
  • One-time registration fee with 100 free minutes: 10 €


  • Every ride includes a full-comprehensive insurance / deductible maximum 150€

Payment and delay

  • Reminder fee 15 €
  • Direct debit returns 15 €
  • Processing of traffic offences 15 €


  • Approaching because of customers fault: 50 €
  • Cleaning/reparing because of violations against rental conditions min.: 50 €
  • Moving of unlawfully parked scooters: 50 €
  • Loss of helmet: 80 €