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Easy to use app and nice looking scooters.

Why should it be complicated if there is an easy way? It doesn’t take long to sit on the scooter – but convince yourself on your own. From finding your scooter, to ending the rental, everything is explained here.

Find your scooter.

It all starts in the app: You look for an available scooter on the map, once you have found one you can reserve it 15 minutes for free. Sounds simple? It is!



Open the helmet box

After your reservation you have to answer a couple of questions in our app, then the helmet box opens with a “clack”. Choose one of the two helmets we provide, take the key and you are good to go.

start the scooter

To get the scooter off the center stand, its best to sit down on it, keep your feet to the ground and push it off with your arms. Insert the key in the lock, turn it, aaaaaaaaand you won’t hear a thing. But its on! The throttle is on the right side, you just have to turn it. But before you go: Check the mirrors real quick!



End rent

And now the other way around: Put the helmet back in the box, place the chip of the key in the keyholder and close the helmet box tight. Choose “End rent” in our app. You will hear the familiar “clack” again. That’s it!

Keyless scooter

Yippee! Our new scooters are keyless! Most important facts: To turn on the scooter it needs to be off the center stand, then you have to slide the power button to the right (red button on the right handle bar of the scooter) and lastly you need to pull a break handle once. That’s it, you are good to go.


The quest for parking is like a home game with our scooters. Its best if you place them on the side of a walkway. But there are a few things to consider: Never park in an entrance, no-parking-zones or in the backyard. Please always keep in mind to never hinder other road users.

Dry and clean

Your sun dance was successful (of course, what else?), so the rain stopped but the seat is still wet? Just help yourself to our micro fiber towel in our helmet box. Oh, and talking of helmets, we ensure hygiene by cleaning and replacing them regularly. If that’s not enough for you, you can take one of our stylish one-time use hygienic caps, those are right next to the towel.

Mobile phone holder

In order not to get lost in Berlin’s traffic just use the mobile phone holder for navigation. Thanks to the mobile phone holder on the handle bar that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.


Any questions?

No problem. Just take a quick look into the FAQs. There you will find any other information explained in detail.