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“We believe in the future of urban mobility where there is no need for private car ownership”


The optimal availability of electric cars, electric scooters and electric bikes. It doesn’t matter where and when, there will be supply. A city free of traffic induced emissions and traffic jams. A city with more room for its spacial development in which cars do not occupy badly needed space anymore. A city to feel comfortable in.

“We believe in the future of urban mobility where there is no need for private car ownership”

Company history


The idea to offer a service for electric scooter sharing is born in a park: A scooter is a great means of transportation every now and then in urban traffic, but just not often enough so that you would want to own one yourself. Through the participation at the Open Innovation Slam, a European competition, this project gains further momentum. The three founders win the competition and therefore get accepted to the Climate KIC Accelerator.


To prevail over its competitors, things must go quickly: In January the first prototype is ready, in March a test period with 5 scooters is started and in June the seed round investment is secured. This enables a market entry with 150 scooters in Berlin. Under the name of eMio the red scooters quickly come to be known around town.


The year starts with the participation at the accelerator program of Deutsche Bahn to explore cooperation potentials within the corporate group. In other respects, the team now faces its first complete season. The service is very well received, usage numbers are steadily rising. Now follows the first step of expansion. Together with the utility supplier Stadtwerke Stuttgart as a local partner the service stella-sharing is introduced in Stuttgart.


To boost its own expansion efforts a series A funding round is closed in February. This enables the team of eddy to a significant increase in scooters in Berlin and market entry into further cities. Due to legal reasons, the brand name has to be changed. Starting from March, the scooters now go by the name of eddy.

Who’s behind those helmets?

Now these already were a couple of really exciting years. But what’s ahead is even bigger. How about you take a look at our team page to see who hides behind those helmets from eddy.